Rental Equipment

L.A. Steelcraft

rnt_01Gray5' Merry-Go-Round1$2,100$700MGR5
rnt_02Gray8' Merry-Go-Round1$2,700$900MGR8
rnt_03Red/WhiteTeeter Totter1$750$350TT-22
Picture Not AvailableGrayTeeter Totter1$750$350TT-21
Picture Not AvailableGray10' High Swing Set1$600$3502202-2
Picture Not AvailableGray2 Seater Swing Set4$600$3502282-2
Picture Not AvailableGray3 Seater Swing Set3$600$3502282-3
rnt_04Gray4 Seater Swing Set1$600$3502282-4
rnt_04Gray4 Seater Swing Set1$600$3502204-4
rnt_05GrayCombo Swing Set1$1,000$350GC-2283-B
rnt_06GreenLittle Dome Climber1$600$350CD27-G
rnt_07YellowLittle Dome Climber1$600$350CD47-Y
rnt_08Red/WhiteDome Climber1$700$350CD448
rnt_09SilverDome Climber1$700$350CD448
rnt_10SilverBeehive Climber1$800$400BC-10-4
rnt_11SilverCube Climber1$1,500$50055-4P
rnt_12GrayArch Climber2$450$350CA-48
rnt_13GrayArch Climber1$450$350CA510
rnt_14Gray10' Chute Slide1$1,200$400510
Picture Not AvailableRed10' Chute Slide1$1,200$400510
rnt_15Gray10' Chute Slide1$1,200$400510N
rnt_14Gray12' Chute Slide1$1,300$400612
Picture Not AvailableBlue16' Chute Slide1$1,500$400816
rnt_16SilverPlay Barrel1$500$250FPB-35P
rnt_17Orange/GrayPlay Barrel with Slide1$600$300FPB-35S
rnt_18GrayParallel Bar1$300$250PB-36
rnt_19RedPortable Balance Beam1$300$250PBB-10
rnt_20GrayTetherball Outfit1$200$100TBPCB
rnt_21GrayHorizontal Ladder2$600$350612PW
rnt_21GrayHorizontal Ladder1$600$350712PW
rnt_21GrayHorizontal Ladder2$600$350716PW
rnt_22RedHoppy Pony1$650$275HA-01
rnt_23BlueHoppy Seahorse1$650$275HA-04
rnt_24YellowHoppy Duck1$650$275HA-06
rnt_25BlueHoppy Duck1$650$275HA-06D
Picture Not AvailableGreenHoppy Frog1$650$275HA-16
Picture Not AvailableRedHoppy Toucan1$650$275N/A
rnt_26AluminumHoppy Chipmunk1$650$275N/A
rnt_27AluminumHoppy Turtle1$650$275N/A
Picture Not AvailableGreenHoppy Frog1$650$275N/A

Terms & Conditions:

Hold Harmless Agreement- Must be executed by a responsible official of the company issuing the purchase order or check before equipment is picked up.

All Rentals Are Based On 1 To 7 Days- If equipment is needed for more than 7 days, the rental fee will be prorated by the day. Note: If equipment is kept longer than the contracted date, additional charges will be billed.

You Must Call For Availability- Equipment may only be reserved with a deposit check. You must call to schedule an appointment if viewing of equipment is necessary.

Deposit Check- The check is held in our office and returned to the driver upon the return of the rental equipment in “good condition”.

If equipment is returned damaged or altered from pre-rental condition, the cost of restoration back to the pre-rental condition will be deducted from the deposit check, and a refund issued reflecting the cost. If your company has an open account with us, you will be invoiced for the additional charges to fix the damage or alteration.

NOTE- If any rental equipment is returned painted, there will be a $500.00 per item charge.

Rental Equipment Is Not For Sale- Failure to RETURN all the equipment will forfeit your deposit and subject your company to possible legal action.

Rental Agreement- A rental agreement must be read and signed prior to rental.