About Us:

L.A. Steelcraft

More than 70 years ago our founder, Stan A. Germain, was committed to provide quality equipment across our great nation.  Commitment to excellence was his vision, family values was his foundation.


If you have been in Southern California for very long, chances are you have sat at an L.A. Steelcraft table, watched children play on a Steelcraft playground slide or watched a ballgame from our bleachers.  Over the last seventy two years, sturdy L.A. Steelcraft tables, playground equipment and other items have found their way into places as diverse as Muscle Beach, Santa Anita Racetrack and the Los Angeles Police Academy.


L.A. Steelcraft was a small fabricating company making swing sets, slides and clothes line poles for backyards when Stanley A. Germain purchased it in 1948.  Mr. Germain was a self-made man who had started in life as a mechanic during the Roaring Twenties before trying dancing in motion pictures, farming and the liquid fertilizer business.  He did well enough to retire young but decided to get back into business by purchasing L.A. Steelcraft which was located only on the corner of its current location at 1975 “L”incoln “A”venue, which now encompasses the entire block.  From 1948 until the early 1970s, Mr. Germain nurtured the small business and built a reputation for manufacturing safe, durable products for schools, industry, parks and playgrounds.


Mr. Germain knew that in order to keep the tradition of this great company leading in the future ahead, he would need to lay a foundation that only a family could provide and he did, with the help of his son-in-law, James D. Holt.


Upon Mr. Germain’s “second retirement” James Holt brought to Steelcraft many new ideas that he had honed over the years in his employment with Lockheed Aircraft and as District Manager of a major east coast home improvement center corporation.  Company growth during Holt’s tenure, first as General Manager and then as owner of Steelcraft was unparalleled in both sales and the introduction of new products, processing methods and marketing.  James Holt and eight other national playground companies, were the founding members of I.P.E.M.A (International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association) which has come together with over 50 other manufacturers, citizens groups and educators to develop and publish the American Standard for public playground equipment, “ASTM Designation: F 1487” and provides input to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission regarding their publication, “Handbook for Public Playground Safety.”


L.A. Steelcraft makes over 500 different items of quality equipment for sports, playgrounds and site amenities for schools and municipalities, all the equipment that might be found on athletic fields and net courts, outdoor steel/fiberglass/aluminum/wood tables and flagpoles.


L.A. Steelcraft has gained the trust of school districts, recreation and park services, non-profit and private consumers because our products are durable and because our commitment to safety and service is paramount.


As of September 2019, L.A. Steelcraft has changed leadership once again, being purchased by Americana Outdoors based out of Salem, Illinois & Mesa, Arizona. A premium outdoor shade & shelter company who strive to provide the public with “Elements for Life Outside”. L.A. Steelcraft joins the ranks as the third division of Americana Outdoors, alongside their sister companies PW Athletic, and Americana Industrial Coatings. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and check our Blog for tips and tricks about our products and how to get the most out of your equipment.