Baseball Bases

Manufactured in according with major league regulations, our heavy-duty bases are made to last. We offer a variety of different base packages to best suit your needs.


We extend a three-year warranty for all baseball bases. Our warranty covers any well-maintained products used for their intended purpose. See details here .

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Available Models
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LA-100ML22 lbs$271
Major League Bases (Set of 3) Vinyl Covered, Bonded Polyurethane Padding
LA-110-DBL 26 lbs$387
Double First Base
LA-120-PRO22 lbs$294
Pro-Style Base Set with Metal Pans (Set of 3)
LA-150-SB26 lbs$506
Slide-Over Safety Base (Set of 3)
LA-175MLB 42 lbs$542
Complete Set of 3 Bases Includes anchors
LA-205-BA6 lbs$67
Base Anchors (Set of 3)
LA-220-FD65 lbs$789
Field Drag Mat (6 X 6)
LA-225-BAS3 lbs$54
Male Base Anchors (Set of 3)
LA-227-FAS3 lbs$54
Female Base Anchors (Set of 3)
LA-230-SP 3 lbs$26
Plugs for Ground Anchors Only Set of 3
LA-300-AS20 lbs$130
All Play Home Plate
LA-310-SHP 24 lbs$162
Home Plate with Anchor
LA-330-FD25 lbs$417
Field Drag Mat (2 X 6)
LA-450-C1 18 lbs$155
4-Way Pitching Rubber Bury Mount
LA-490-CC8 lbs$33
Economy Pitcher's Plate
LA-490-GAS10 lbs$111
Double Ground Anchor Stake
LA-490-PAT10 lbs$114
Pitchers Plate Anchor Top Plate
LA-5052 lbs$20
Dig Out Tool
LA-6185-EBA45 lbs$543
Economy Release Base (Set of 3)
Safety Base w/ Magnetic Anchors (Set of 3)