Baseball Bases

Manufactured in according with major league regulations, our heavy-duty bases are made to last. We offer a variety of different base packages to best suit your needs.

We extend a three-year warranty for all baseball bases. Our warranty covers full replacement of any well-maintained products used for their intended purpose. See details here .

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Available Models
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LA-110-DBL 26 lbs$338
Double First Base
LA-175MLB 42 lbs$473
Complete Set of 3 Bases Includes anchors
LA-230-SP 3 lbs$22
Plugs for Ground Anchors Only Set of 3
LA-310-SHP 24 lbs$142
Home Plate with Anchor
LA-380-HP 12 lbs$45
Professional Style Home Plate (Bury Mount)
LA-450-C1 18 lbs$135
4-Way Pitching Rubber Bury Mount