Our tetherball posts are manufactured of heavy-duty, galvanized steel for maximum strength and durability. Each post stands 10 feet tall and is equipped with a 3/8" plated eyebolt, 30" plated chain (7/32" dia.) and a swivel snap for ball attachment. Tetherball posts ship with regulation size and shape tetherballs created from fully molded butyl bladder and nylon.

We offer a three-year warranty on all tetherball posts. Our warranty covers full replacement of any well-maintained products used for their intended purpose. See details here .

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Available Models
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LA-TBB2 lbs$21
Tetherball- Ball with Rope
LA-TBCS2 lbs$48
Tetherball- Bolt, Chain & Snap
LA-TBPC47 lbs$178
Tetherball- Post, Cap, Chain & Snap
LA-TBPCB48 lbs$199
Tetherball- Post, Cap, Chain, Snap & Ball
LA-TBPCBS62 lbs$347
Tetherball Complete Set with E Sleeve