Playscape Climbers

Fuel the fires of imagination with our Playscape Climbers - a captivating addition to any playground, designed in fun geometric shapes that spark children's creativity. These climbers aren't just playground equipment; they're catalysts for imaginative adventures. Meticulously crafted for durability and safety, our Playscape Climbers offer endless opportunities for children to explore, conquer, and craft their own exciting narratives.

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Available Models
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LA-CLM-111-113350 lbs$2,951
Charlotte the Spider
5 to 12
LA-CLM-301-141250 lbs$2,158
Rabbit Hutch - Perm
2 to 5
LA-CLM-301-144406 lbs$4,261
Turtle Climber
2 to 5
LA-CLM-302-141250 lbs$2,106
Rabbit Hutch - Portable
2 to 5