Combo Climbers

Hercules Climbers

Introducing our Combo Climbers and an exciting range of additional features including Horizontal Ladders, Chin Up/Spinning Bars, Fireman Poles, and Bar Climbing Walls the epitome of strength and adventure on the playground. Crafted for durability, these combo climbers and accessories are designed to withstand the test of time while providing endless opportunities for children to explore, challenge themselves, and have a blast. With sturdy bars for climbing, kids can develop their physical abilities, coordination, and confidence as they conquer new heights. Safety is our priority, and these combo climbers and accessories are no exception, ensuring a secure and exhilarating play experience.

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Available Models
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LA-CLM-501-117390 lbs$3,700
Hercules Climber II, galvanized
5 to 12
LA-CLM-501-117P490 lbs$4,822
Hercules Climber II, painted
5 to 12
LA-CLM-501-118985 lbs$6,948
Hercules Climber III, galvanized
5 to 12
LA-CLM-501-118P1,185 lbs$8,450
Hercules Climber III, painted
5 to 12
LA-CLM-902-298773 lbs$6,905
Hercules Climber IV
5 to 12
LA-CLM-902-299688 lbs$7,706
Hercules Climber V
5 to 12
LA-CLM-902-300770 lbs$12,151
Hercules Climber VII
5 to 12
LA-CLM-902-301788 lbs$9,671
Hercules Climber VI
5 to 12