Roller Coaster Bike Rack

"The Wave" Bike Rack

One of our most popular bike racks for years on end, the roller coaster version features a multi-loop style. Manufactured from either 2-3/8" O.D. galv. steel or stainless steel, this unit stands 36" in height.

Galvanized steel finish is standard, but we offer a wide array colors via a powder coat finish. Our in-house powder coating finish process, allowing us to offer a high-quality process and outcome for a reduced rate, giving our customers assurance they are getting both the best product and the best price.

We offer a ten-year warranty on all bike racks. Our warranty covers full replacement of any well-maintained products used for their intended purpose. See details here .

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Available Models
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LA-WLBR-11125 lbs$824
Wave Loop Rack-11 Capacity
110" Width
LA-WLBR-11-PC125 lbs$1,159
Wave Loop Rack-11 Capacity Powder Coated
110" Width
LA-WLBR-13150 lbs$1,344
Wave Loop Rack-13 Capacity
134" Width
LA-WLBR-13-PC150 lbs$1,663
Wave Loop Rack-13 Capacity Powder Coated
134" Width
LA-WLBR-325 lbs$226
Wave Loop Rack-3 Capacity
14" Width
LA-WLBR-3-PC25 lbs$435
Wave Loop Rack-3 Capacity Powder Coated
14" Width
LA-WLBR-550 lbs$277
Wave Loop Rack-5 Capacity
38" Width
LA-WLBR-5-PC50 lbs$583
Wave Loop Rack-5 Capacity Powder Coated
38" Width
LA-WLBR-775 lbs$413
Wave Loop Rack-7 Capacity
64" Width
LA-WLBR-7-PC75 lbs$733
Wave Loop Rack-7 Capacity Powder Coated
64" Width
LA-WLBR-9100 lbs$512
Wave Loop Rack-9 Capacity
87" Width
LA-WLBR-9-PC100 lbs$839
Wave Loop Rack-9 Capacity Powder Coated
87" Width