Tire Swings

Explore the excitement of Tire Swings - a timeless addition to our playground equipment selection. These classic swings deliver endless joy for kids of all ages. Crafted for durability and safety, our Tire Swings bring a nostalgic charm to any playground.

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Available Models
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LA-SW-342-50310 lbs$646
Heavy Duty Tire Swivel for 2-3/8" Top Rail
LA-SW-342-50510 lbs$621
Heavy Duty Tire Swivel for 3-1/2" OD Top Rail
LA-SW-342-90425 lbs$581
Plastic Tire Seat
5 to 12
LA-SW-581-367460 lbs$3,800
Heavy Duty Tripod Tire Swing
5 to adult
LA-SW-581-367F422 lbs$3,380
Heavy Duty Tripod Tire Swing-frame/hangers only
5 to adult
LA-SW-581-367M420 lbs$2,875
Heavy Duty Tripod Tire Swing-frame only
5 to adult