JennSwing ADA Seat

Introducing the JennSwing ADA Swing Seat an inclusive and accessible swing seat designed to enhance the playground experience for children of all abilities. Crafted with precision and safety in mind, the JennSwing offers a spacious and comfortable seat, providing children with physical challenges the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of swinging. Engineered for durability and accessibility, the JennSwing ADA Swing Seat is a testament to our commitment to inclusive play.

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Available Models
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LA-JSW-382-411B31 lbs$804
Jenn Swing ADA Seat - Ocean Blue
Capacity 125 lbs.
LA-JSW-382-411G31 lbs$804
Jenn Swing ADA Seat - Jungle Green
Capacity 125 lbs.
LA-JSW-382-411P31 lbs$804
Jenn Swing ADA Seat - Bubble Gum Pink
Capacity 125 lbs.
LA-JSW-382-411R31 lbs$804
Jenn Swing ADA Seat - Fire Engine Red
Capacity 125 lbs.
LA-JSW-382-411Y31 lbs$804
Jenn Swing ADA Seat - Banana Yellow
Capacity 125 lbs.
LA-JSW-382-4132 lbs$57
Replacement Harness for Jenn Swing Seat
Capacity 125 lbs.