Sand Digger

Sand Diggers

Embark on an adventure of discovery with our Sand Diggers - an exciting addition to the playground that sparks young explorers' curiosity. These ingenious play structures are more than just equipment; they're tools for hands-on learning and imaginative play. Crafted for durability and safety, our Sand Diggers offer a dynamic and interactive experience, encouraging children to dig, discover, and unleash their creativity while promoting physical development.

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Available Models
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LA-DI-361-50930 lbs$1,099
Sand Digger
2 to 5
LA-DI-361-509H30 lbs$1,137
Sand Digger - ADA Accessible
2 to 5
LA-DI-361-509P46 lbs$1,229
Sand Digger - Portable
2 to 5