Tot Town


Welcome to Tot Town, where young imaginations come to life with our delightful range of play structures and accessories. From charming houses to the entertaining Octo Toss game, and engaging Sand and Water Tables, as well as convenient Tables and Stools, Tot Town offers a world of endless fun for young children. Crafted with both play and safety in mind, these products create a vibrant and inviting space where little ones can explore, create, and interact with their surroundings.

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Available Models
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LA-TT-902-806200 lbs$4,032
Tot Town Sand & Water Table
2 to 5
LA-TT-902-806-S140 lbs$1,445
Tot Town Single Sand Table
2 to 5
LA-TT-902-806-SD140 lbs$1,486
Tot Town Single Water Table
2 to 5
LA-TT-902-824266 lbs$5,856
Sailboat Sandbox
2 to 5
LA-TT-902-83130 lbs$315
Sandbox Seat
2 to 5
LA-TT-902-83252 lbs$1,015
Tot Town Small Sandbox
2 to 5
LA-TT-902-83392 lbs$1,646
Tot Town Large Sandbox
2 to 5