Wall Climbers

Unleash the spirit of adventure with our Wall Climbers - ingeniously designed to mimic the exhilarating challenge of rock walls. These climbers are more than just playground equipment; they're a gateway to physical fitness and exciting exploration. Crafted for durability and safety, our Wall Climbers beckon children to scale, conquer, and develop essential skills while having a blast.

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Available Models
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LA-CLM-902-268592 lbs$4,946
Parallel Climber
5 to 12
LA-CLM-902-873825 lbs$11,269
Climber Challenge, Multi/ Camo Color
5 to 12
LA-CLM-902-875280 lbs$5,587
Rock Wall Tunnel
5 to 12
LA-CLM-902-879582 lbs$7,681
Climber Challenge, Single Color
5 to 12
LA-CLM-902-884670 lbs$4,044
Two Sided Climber Challenge
5 to 12