Dome Climbers

Geo Dome Junior Climbers

Embark on a journey of adventure and discovery with our Dome Climbers - ingeniously designed in captivating dome shapes that inspire imaginative play. These climbers aren't just playground equipment; they're gateways to a world of excitement and exploration. Engineered for both durability and safety, our Dome Climbers invite children to conquer, climb, and explore while promoting physical development and endless fun.

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Available Models
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LA-CLM-301-134G97 lbs$1,251
Geo Dome Jr. - Galvanized (Permanent)
2 to 5
LA-CLM-301-134P147 lbs$1,605
Geo Dome Jr. - Painted (Permanent)
2 to 5
LA-CLM-302-134G92 lbs$1,181
Geo Dome Jr. - Galvanized (Portable)
2 to 5
LA-CLM-302-134P92 lbs$1,516
Geo Dome Jr. - Painted (Portable)
2 to 5