8' Merry-Go-Rounds

LA Steelcraft presents a range of timeless playground merry-go-rounds in various sizes: 6 feet, 8 feet, and 10 feet, all equipped with secure handrails. These products are designed to accommodate multiple children simultaneously, providing an engaging play experience. Furthermore, every merry-go-round from LA Steelcraft includes a governor mechanism to ensure maximum safety by controlling the speed.

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Available Models
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LA-MGR-301-143541 lbs$5,996
Merry-Go-Round- 8' Red & Yellow
5 to 12
LA-MGR-301-143G541 lbs$5,996
Merry-Go-Round- 8' Tan & Green
5 to 12
LA-MGR-301-143M541 lbs$6,149
Merry-Go-Round- 8' Multi Color
5 to 12
LA-MGR-301-143P541 lbs$5,996
Merry-Go-Round- 8' Purple & White
5 to 12