PW Athletic Mfg. Co. Adds New Equipment to Improve Products

PW Athletic Mfg. Co. is excited to announce the addition of a self-contained shot blast room to our Mesa production facility!

Utilizing highly pressurized steel grit directed at metal surfaces prior to powder coating, surfaces are thoroughly scoured and cleaned.  This provides an even better surface for the application of our super-durable powder coat.  Shot blasting is more environmentally friendly than our previous sand blasting technique, as well.  Since 99% of the steel shot is recycled multiple times through the system, it significantly reduces the amount of waste produced.

Adding the blast booth to PW’s factory also brings a previously unavailable service to residents of the Valley, too.  Shot blasting services will soon be available to the public as an alternative to sand blasting.  We are confident that our customers will see an immediate improvement in our powder coated surfaces and shorter delivery times for orders.

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