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L.A. Steelcraft bleachers meet all current uniform building codes. Engineered to eliminate expensive aisles and hand rails. Individual galvanized steel frames are welded into one solid structure, then Hot Dipped Galvanized. Guardrails have a H.D.G. finish. All bolts, nuts and washers have anti-corrosion protection. All bleachers have 6” seat rise and 24” back spacing. First seat is 11-7/8” high. 5-row bleachers are provided with our vertical guardrail system. Our 3-row and 4-row bleachers do not require guardrails. Our 5-row Bleacher with Guardrail System utilizes a 12” nominal aluminum seat plank that qualifies as a step. Only the 5th row is above 30”. The front row is 11-7/8” above grade. Footboards are 10” nominal aluminum plank.

Bleacher Transportation System available for these models.


ModelDescriptionSeatsApprox. SpaceDepth Fr.-BackHeight Top SeatWeightPriceDownload3D Download
BL0315SA3-Row x 15' Aluminum Seats & Footboards304’-8” x 15’4’-8”23-7/8”380 lbs.$2,030.00
BL0315SG3-Row x 15' Fiberglass Seats & Alum. Ftbds.304’-8” x 15’4’-8”23-7/8”444 lbs.$2,817.00
BL0321SA3-Row x 21' Aluminum Seats & Footboards424’-8” x 21’4’-8”23-7/8”531 lbs.$2,847.00
BL0415SA4-Row x 15' Aluminum Seats & Footboards407’-8” x 15’7’-8”29-7/8”506 lbs.$2,719.00
BL0415SG4-Row x 15' Fiberglass Seats & Alum. Ftbds.407’-8” x 15’7’-8”29-7/8”552 lbs.$3,767.00
BL0421SA4-Row x 21' Aluminum Seats & Footboards567’-8” x 21’7’-8”29-7/8”708 lbs.$3,793.00
BL0515SA5-Row x 15' Aluminum Seats & Footboards509’-6” x 15’9’-6”35-7/8”877 lbs.$5,484.00
BL0515SG5-Row x 15' Fiberglass Seats & Alum. Ftbds.509’-6” x 15’9’-6”35-7/8”909 lbs.$5,795.00
BL0521SA5-Row x 21' Aluminum Seats & Footboards709’-6” x 21’9’-6”35-7/8”1,225 lbs.$7,672.00

Aluminum Bleachers


All aluminum construction – 5 year warranty. Design and construction in accordance with the current Edition of the Uniform Building Code. 12” wide nominal seat plank on all models. Double floor planks starting on row 3 with double riser boards on top row only for 4 and 5 row models. Also available in 30’ lengths.
PN203-15Center aisles, handrails and wheelchair cutouts available on all PN models. Ships from CA zip 92408.


ModelDescriptionSeatsApprox. SpaceDepth FR-BackHeight Top SeatWeightPriceDownload3D Download
PN203-153-Row x 15’ Aluminum Seats & Footboards304’-8” x 15’4’-8”23-7/8”210 lbs.$2,278.00
PN203-213-Row x 21’ Aluminum Seats & Footboards424’-8” x 21’4’-8”23-7/8”285 lbs.$3,126.00
PN204-154-Row x 15’ Aluminum Seats & Footboards406’-9” x 15’6’-9”29-7/8”315 lbs.$3,172.00
PN204-214-Row x 21’ Aluminum Seats & Footboards566’-9” x 21’6’-9”29-7/8”430 lbs.$4,334.00
PN205-155-Row x 15’ Aluminum Seats & Footboards509’-6” x 15’9’-6”35-7/8”710 lbs.$8,130.00
PN205-215-Row x 21’ Aluminum Seats & Footboards709’-6” x 21’9’-6”35-7/8”935 lbs.$10,711.00


Transporter system available for all of our PN Model bleachers on this page.

ModelDescriptionWeightPriceDonwload3D Download
BT-PN500Transport100 lbs.$1,260.00

Trasnporter Sytem

Custom Seating ACustom Seating B

Our All Aluminum custom bleachers fit virtually any application. From unusual architectural designs that fit perfectly into unusual spaces, to stadium seating for thousands. We build the finest seating structures from the best materials. Elevated style bleacher and grandstands are available: Provided with front walkways, stair systems, ramps, handrails and special railing applications.

Custom Seating C

Rolling Bleachers & Bleacher Accessories


Sturdy, lightweight L.A. Steelcraft Roll-A-Bleachers are equipped with anodized aluminum seats and footboards by rectangular STEEL TUBING finishes in black enamel. Available in 3 or 4 row configurations. First row is 11-7/8” from grade. The 5” diameter non-marking, rubber wheels with ball bearing swivel casters make them extremely easy to move. Bottom casters lock for safety. Frames can be powder coated in school colors for additional fee. Guardrail systems not required on these 3 and 4 row models.

RowsModelLengthSeat'g SpaceDepthHeightWeightPriceDownload3D Download
3RB8/37’-6”1564"23-7/8”185 lbs.$1,788.00
3RB15/315’3064"23-7/8”265 lbs.$2,718.00
4RB8/47’-6”2090"29-7/8”214 lbs.$2,684.00
4RB15/415’4090"29-7/8”331 lbs.$4,338.00



Sturdy, and extremely lightweight, ALL ALUMINUM Tip & Roll Bleachers are equipped with anodized aluminum seat planks and mill finish foot planks, supported by square tubing. Available in 3 or 4 row configurations. First row is 11-7/8” from grade. The 5” diameter non-marring, cushion rubber wheels with double ball bearing swivel casters make them extremely easy to move. Guardrail systems not required on these 3 and 4 row models.

RowsModelLengthSeat'g SpaceDepthHeightWeightPriceDownload3D Download
3PN203-RB7.57’-6”155’-6”23-7/8”125 lbs.$1,769.00
3PN203-RB1515’305’-6”23-7/8”225 lbs.$2,721.00
3PN203-RB2121'425’-6”23-7/8”300 lbs.$3,653.00
4PN204-RB7.57’-6”207’-6”29-7/8”180 lbs.$2,543.00
4PN204-RB1515’407’-6”29-7/8”330 lbs.$4,030.00
4PN204-RB2121'567’-6”29-7/8”445 lbs.$5,062.00


Replacement end caps with pop rivets for attachment to planks for aluminum bleachers.
To Fit BL Series- 9- 5/8” x 1- 3/4”
To Fit PN Series- 9 1/2” x 1 1/2”

ModelDescriptionWeightPriceDownload3D Download
CAP1010'1 lb.$10.00
CAP1212'1.5 lbs.$13.00



Transporter system available for all of our BL Model bleachers at top of page.

ModelDescriptionWeightPriceDownload3D Download
BT-BL500Transport100 lbs.$1,285.00

Guardrail Retrofit For Bleachers

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission has responded to fatal and serious injuries due to falls from bleachers by issuing guidelines to help prevent these incidents. We have engineered a guardrail system that can be installed on most bleachers and comply with the CPSC guidelines. The system discourages climbing as all the rails are vertical. Openings in the guardrail are small enough to prevent a child from falling from a height that could result in a serious injury. All of the materials are rigid and very durable. NO CHAIN LINK FENCING IS USED. With basic dimensions, we can configure our system to fit your guardrail requirements.

Typical side view of standard 5 row bleacher

Easy To Assemble:
This system has been carefully designed and engineered to allow anyone who wants to bring their bleachers up to current CPSC guidelines to do so quickly and easily. The combination of our exclusive fittings and panels along with your specific dimensions, lets us customize your retro-fit with an easy to use and affordable system.

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Height From Seat to Footboard:
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Seat Plank Width & Length:
Thickness of Seat Plank:
Footboard Width & Length:
Footboard Thickness:

Brace BandBrace Band:

The Guardrails are fastened to the Back Supports with sturdy Brace Bands.

Corner SectionsCorner Sections:

The Corner Sections are bolted together, and the top rails are held fast with another of our exclusive Roto-Steel inserts.

Back Support PostBack Support Post:

Our Back Support Post mounts to any existing bleacher’s back row brace. Locate the post under the seat support, then mark and drill holes in your support. The railing will be fastened to these supports with bracebands on top, and a convenient clip and channel attachment on the bottom.

Guard RailsGuard Rails:

The 36” x 45” Guard Rail Sections bolt together, and the top rail is held in place by our exclusive Roto-Steel insert that reveals only a smooth contoured abutment.